Crimson Mercenaries

Conri has a Wife?

Session 2

The party left the cave and traveled to the dragon tomb dig site and found a halfling and a gnome with guard drakes and human diggers. Upon questioning the dig group lied to the party about knowing where Dovin was, when they got called out on it they attacked the party. After a vicious fight the enemies were defeated and the party found Dovin bound and gagged. He said he was ambushed and bound and gagged at night. He informed the party that his captors spoke of an object to close a portal or rift. He gave Rio a locket as thanks for saving him and the party stated they are going to escort him back to Winterhaven to see his wife.
Back in Winterhaven Dovin, Mary, and Nicholas are reunited and gratefully reward the party. The party visits Lord Pagraig of Winterhaven. Roam gives him the spear heads and head of Irontooth and Ardra gives him the note and informs him who Orcus is. The Lord calls his wizard, Valthrun, who reads the note and becomes frightened and states Orcus is interested in opening a rift causing undead to flood into Winterhaven. They have no insight as to who the spy mentioned in the note may be. Rio spends the night with the wizard Valthrun learning magic and Boat visits the temple while the party rests at the inn.
At the inn the party runs into an Elf and her Human Ranger companion Darbee. The Elf turned out to be Conri’s wife Gras’fal. Conri freezes in the door to the Inn realizing she is there and he is not done with his training to control his Curse. Gras’fal walks up to Conri and gives him a huge hug after her long search to find him. She explains that she’s given up on her people and their beliefs to come and be with him. Conri introduces her to the party and begins to explain why he never mentioned her before, almost to the point of telling the entire Inn of his Curse, but held off just before telling anyone but that he would explain when they were all alone and ready.
In the morning Ash picks up a history book in the wizard’s tower which mentions Shadowfell keep which fell into ruins to the north. Valthrun mentions that would be the place to check if there was a cult in the area. Valthrun states he would talk to Lord Pagraig to see if we could get reimbursed for it if we were able to go there and close a portal if it was there. As that is the best lead they had to go on the group sets out for Shadowfell Keep.
The party finds the ruins of Shadowfell keep and stairs going downwards, as the party descends they are ambushed by goblins and engage in battle with them. As the party dispatches with the goblins the hallway down the stairs goes quiet. The party takes a short rest after battle ready to continue exploring Shadowfell Keep.


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