Crimson Mercenaries

Invitation to the Crimson Mercenaries

Session 0.1

As Rio and Roam are talking a wood elf Sariel Liadon comes over, and talks with Rio informing her that her mother was going to join a guild of adventurers called the Crimson Mercenaries and they are still in need of more recruits to take care of a problem in Winterhaven with goblins and kobols. Roam and Rio agree to join this guild and Roam is given a wand to apply a guild brand onto their palms. At a nearby table a dwarf named Boatmurdered from the ship Roam saved was sitting there and overheard the conversation and wanted to join the guild as well, Sariel blinked in a tiefling to their table named Balance (Ash) who was looking for a better life from his time on the streets of waterdeep. Sitting in the corner was a Blood Hunter named Conri Macsage. After speaking with Sariel He also decided to join the guild. With an adventuring band formed they decided to get properly geared up and Roam and Rio went shopped and Roam picked up a long sword with the aid of Boatmurdered as thanks for saving his ship. After gearing up the group sets out for Winterhaven.


schwawa04 Straife

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