Crimson Mercenaries

Rats Everywhere!

Session 3

As the party continues to explore Shadowfell Keep they fight through rooms of goblin sharpshooters digging and their guard drakes. The party fought a daring battle on planks laying across elevated platforms and a ramp leading into a lower floor. They dispatch the guards and the excavation room grew quiet. The party noticed they were digging in this large room and found a holy symbol of Bahamut on one of the goblin.
Down another set of stairs the party makes their way to a dirt cellar floor through a lot of rubble and had to fight off a horde of rats. The party chased the rats around the room swinging at them in between the stalagmites clinking their weapons off of the architecture repeatedly until finally finding purchase on their tiny vicious opponents. After killing the rats and many scrapes and bites, the party sees an ooze around the corner eat a fleeing rat and immediately dissolve it.
The party tries backs away from the ooze with Ash distracting it with Thaumaturgy. As the party backs to the opposite wall, Ash finds a strange marking on the wall and Boaty being a dwarf familiar with stone notices the wall is not real. The party moves into the secret room behind the wall to discover some hidden treasure and provisions and decide to patch up their wounds and camp there in relative safety before venturing out into the keep once again.


schwawa04 Straife

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