Crimson Mercenaries

Watch where you step

Session 4

The party left the secret room and found the Ocre Jelly they hid from earlier and dispatched it with ease. As they explored another hallway to the south they came up to a pit and saw a kruthik impaled on spikes in the pit.
As the guild looked up from inspecting the pit a kruthik’s hatchling came around the corner. They squished the hatchling before it could attack the party, Ash’s pet rat “scruffles” spoke to the party stating that kruthik are intelligent and usually move around in groups. With the group being surprised Ash’s pet can talk and not understanding what these creatures are, the party drew their ire when they squished the hatchling baby and entered combat with the rest of the Kruthik’s family who poured out from the cracks in the wall. The rage of the family came down on the party nearly killing Rionnastaś twice but through teamwork and protecting each other she was saved by Boat and Ardra. Grace help fend the Kruthik off with mighty slaps that echoed throughout the halls of the keep. Fearing for her life Rionnastaś used the remainder of her power and conjured a flurry of magic missiles that finish off the biggest adult Kruthik as the rest of the party fought off its kin. Searching the Kruthik’s hoard they found some treasure and much needed potions of healing.
Continuing to explore Shadowfell keep the party heard screams from behind a door and upon entering discovered a torture chamber with a hobgoblin torturing a goblin. As the party fought through the guards and approached the torturer he tried to bull rush boaty but tripped in the process and fell into an iron maiden and boaty killed the torturer by slamming the door on him and crushing it with his hammer. In the torturer’s cages they found an unconscious goblin. Upon waking he tells up his name, Spludge. He stated he took food and was locked up because of it. Upon interrogating Spludge he divulged that Balgron the fat is in charge of Shadowfell Keep and indicated his location which is through the double doors the party passed by earlier. Spludge stated that Balgron has many warriors but Spludge’s math skills are bad and couldn’t pin down his exact force strength. The party gave him provisions and promised to come back for him after they eliminated his boss. The party finds a provision room full of barrels and barricade themselves in for the night and bandage their wounds.


schwawa04 Straife

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