Crimson Mercenaries

Fear will not deter us!!!

The party opens the door sealed with the symbol of Bahamut. Inside they see a sarcophagus. Boat Roam Ardra and Grace together opened it and an un-dead skeleton knight of Bahamut, Sir Keegan, climbed out. He questioned the party about their faiths who then gained his trust. He spoke of a magic mirror in the past which Roam had on him. He said the mirror was a tool used to stop the rift from opening as the ritual was being performed. Roam attempted to have Boaty destroy the mirror but even with his hammer he could not scratch it. Sir Keegan gives the party the magic sword Aecris to Roam and Roam offers a prayer to Bahamut making the room light up. Sir Keegan states if the intruders are going to try to open the rift it would be down below and sets the party off to stop then as he cannot leave his crypt.

The party looks to head down the stairs they notice symbols on the floor and try to jump across. Roam and Conri make it across but Ardra trips and lands on the symbol unleashing a scream fightening Roam and Boat. Conri grabbed Roam before he ran onto another trap and he snapped out of it boat cowered in the corner until Rio comforted him and threw him across the trap rune. The noise of the trap screaming got the attention of Zombies in the following room. Grace stepped on the same trap trying to get across frightening herself Ardra and Conri. Boat grabbed onto him commenting that his hair smells terrific (…). Ash Made it across the room and was able to grab Ardra before she ran onto another trap. Roam seeing the shambling hoard threw a javelin across another trap taking a zombies head clear off before the hoard descended on him grappling him. Ash used a shatter spell to hito the group of zombies temporarily distracting them. Roam taking this opportunity drew Aecris and drove it through the zombie grappling him and used Divine smite to disintegrate the undead and shouted “Stay strong Ardra!” Ardra shook out of her fear and stood up ready to fight once again. Grace used sacred flame to burn down another approaching zombie. Conri wrestles away from boat’s grasp and ran onto another trap sending it screaming but noone else was scared of the noise at this point. Two zombies come after Roam but he bats them off with his shield. he moves his shield to drive Aecris through a zombie in front of him exposing him to the zombie next to him but as its about to reach him Ardra shoots it through the head with a shortbow sneak attack. Rio makes the jump over the initial trap and blasts the other zombie attacking Roam with a firebolt in combination with a sacred flame from grace disintegrating it. Boat tried to jump a 2nd magic trap but just clipped the end of it but once again noone was afraid of the noise at this point in the battle. Ash slams one with an eldrich blast and the room falls quiet. The party began to bandage their wounds up.

As the party takes a short rest Grace’s Bodyguard Darby arrives and stated there is something wrong with the village of Winterhaven with a female elf is holding people captive and undead are rising from the cemetery. The party debated decided to go back and assist Winterhaven.

The Lost Lady (It must be a dream)
One off Fill in Day

The light blinks out, and when it reappears the party finds themselves inside of new bodies, with new memories and amazing new powers (level 9).

Team Hello Kitty: Home base the Temple of Kitty White

  • Half-Orc Bard – Wes
  • Gnome Barbarian – Rio
  • Human Fighter – Jess
  • Human Paladin/Warlock – Rooster
  • Halfling Druid – Salaries
  • Kitsune Sorcerer – Lucy
  • Fill in DM – Straife

The Party finds themselves on the way back from a successful dungeon run wandering down a road gloating over their win. All the sudden a lady comes bolting out of the forest running at them screaming “HELP!”. Rooster halts her and asks what is going on and she explains that she just woke up from an attack, her name is Trecia and her husband is missing. The party asks and she explains they were coming home from their nephew Helfer’s farm and took a shortcut through the forest when they were jumped by what she could only explain as wolves. She only remembers going by a shack in the forest and then waking up by the road. The party decides to help her and asks her to point the way to the shack.

As they arrive at the shack it appears as a beat down almost overgrown and rotted little spot in the woods. Trecia explains that there were old wise tails about the shack being haunted. Salaries enters the shack first and finds a human skeleton with a locket. He looks at the locket and finds 2 pictures, one young man and one of Trecia. The party turns to ask Trecia if this was her husband only to find her gone with no trace. While the party was in shock of this Salaries, Jess and Rio notice another almost decayed body buried beneath a mass of cobwebs. Upon further investigation they realize it has a rusted mining pick and book in what’s left of it’s hand. Salaries looks at the book and just thinks it’s jibberish but Jess realizes it’s actually Dwarvish and Rio who understands Dwarvish tells the party it is a Journal. Inside she finds a few entries that describe him looking for the mother lode in the hills to the northeast. Rio and Lucy decide to make sure there were no secret doors in the shack and find none, but for some unknown reason Lucy is completely overcome with fear and runs off into the distance. The party follows and then decides they want to make their way to the hills in the Northeast to follow up on the lead from the Journal, while also debating on what happened to Trecia.

Later in the day on their way to the hills they happen upon a small campsite with a human on the ground. They approach the camp cautiously trying to figure out what is going on. As they enter the camp they see the fire is barely burning still and Jess decides to stoke the fire a bit with a stick. All the sudden a psuedopod shoots out from the fire and sticks itself to her, damaging and grappling her. Then 2 more psuedopods shoot out from the 2 logs next to the fire. After being surprised by the party realizes it’s being attacked by mimics and fights back. After a hard fought battle with some injuries and lots of slime on Jess and Salaries the team clears out the mimics and checks out the rest of the camp. The body appears to have been attacked and killed by the mimics, but for some reason the clothes from the body also seem like they were torn apart before the mimics got to him.

The party pushes on and sets up camp late at night outside a cave in the hills. As the party sleeps Rio and Salaries are on the last watch duty. They take their eyes off the cave of the mouth for just long enough for 2 werewolves to sneak up on them. The battle ensues. The werewolves get off a surprise attack against Salaries but Rio screams and wakes up the camp. As the team wakes up they see 4 more werewolves coming in for the attack, along with 2 more humanoids they can’t get a read on yet. Rio charges out to head off 2 of the werewolves and gets a few good shots off, until the first human approaches and takes out two chain whips that make contact with Rio. Even though she was raging she gets hit burnt by the red hot chains. Rooster comes in to assist with hex and eldritch blast but only gets one good shot off. Lucy wakes up and calls in Melf’s Minute Meteors to assist her and fires 2 off into the distance getting good damage on 2 of the werewolves that haven’t closed in yet. Then the shit hits the fan when the other humanoid comes closer and can be seen as an elf. She casts Silence around the party, causing everyone to lose any communication with each other. Salaries wild shapes into an Ankylosaurus and goes to town on the werewolf that has attacked him knocking it prone. Wes has decided it was time to pull out his Ace card and tosses his entire necklace of fireballs into the fray causing a 9th level fireball to go off. Two werewolves turn into ash and a few more are looking worse for wear. The battle continues on with both sides trading blows, Rio being Blood Cursed to make any damage she deals to the human to hurt her as well, by what now appears to be a Blood Hunter.

This continues until the Elf then rushes up to Lucy and strikes her with two hard unarmed strikes and a Channel Divinity to deal massive damage to Lucy taking her to under 1/4 health. Wes rushes to her and heals her some but the fight continues on. Lucy then fires back at the Elf with her most powerful spell Immolation. The unusually dexterous Elf takes some damage but shakes off the rest of the effects. With more werewolves dropping the Elf then attempts to fear the entire party and only Rio and Lucy hold out strong. While the rest of the party is trying to shake off the fear Lucy fires back with a Lightning bolt at the Elf while also damaging the Blood Hunter with her Storm Sorcerer powers. Before Wes and Rooster can get back in the fight the Elf casts hold person on them and they both become paralyzed. Another werewolf dies but Lucy goes down to the dangerous whips of the Blood Hunter. The Elf then charges Rio and hits her hard. Rio staggers slightly trying to figure out how such a meager Elf could damage her so much during her frenzied rage. Jess then pulls out her Javelin of Lightning and starts destroying the rest of the werewolves methodically.

More brawling until Wes finally is freed from his parallelization after being bitten by a werewolf, and attempts to polymorph that werewolf into a bunny only to find that shapechangers have complete immunity to this magic. Things continue until Wes decides to stop toying with what’s left of the Blood Hunters forces and casts Animate Objects, causing 2 braziers and the Blood Hunters own tent to animate and start attacking him. The Elf drops quickly followed by the entire team (tents braziers and all) ganging up on the Blood hunter whittling him down to nothing.

A hard fought win the team looks around the cave to find an altar and bones in the rear of the cave. Rooster instantly recognizes the symbols on the Altar as symbols of Malar The Beastlord and god of the hunt. Rio and Wes find a woman’s skeleton holding a locket and look at it finding that it matches the earlier locket with a picture of Trecia and the same young man. The party finally decides to go to the farm and find it is an Inn as well with Helfer running the bar. After some conversation and stories about rampaging tents that no one would belive the party finds out from Helfer his aunt and uncle dissapeared 10 years ago, thought to be killed by a Cult of Malar that has been causing turmoil in the area for decades. The party lets him know the Cult is now dead and his aunt and uncle have been found and put to rest. Helfer offers then all a free night’s stay and drinks all night on the house, until Rooster offends him and Helfer cuts the party off after their first celebratory drink.

Fade to black and memories of crazy fires attacking and tents coming to the rescue of the party holding place in the groups mind as they all the sudden wake up in the bowels of the Keep on Shadowfell again. Grace and Conri have added memories of what falling to evil would be like. They realize they can’t just think about revenge with no consequences.

Session 6

The party left Balgron’s chamber and continued searching Shadowfell Keep. Heading down a set of stairs Roam sensed undead with his divine sense granted by his deity Lathander. They found the undead zombies around the corner and Roam charged them but got his foot stuck in the uneven floor. Ardra ran to him and unstuck his foot from the floor just in time for them to fight off the approaching undead.
After dispatching the undead the party moved into a room full of Sarcophagi. As they passed through the room, the Sarcophagi burst open, filling the room full of undead Skeletons. The party was greatly outnumbered but Boaty moved into the center of the room and used turn undead which caused most of the foes to flee to the edges of the room allowing the party to fight off the undead horde in a manageable way. (His prayer sounded something similar to barbie girl sung in German). Ardra speared several undead with her rapier getting a skull stuck on her rapier and flung it across the room squealing in panic. Conri’s axe finally found purchase repeatedly and Grace saved Ash’s life with a healing potion after he was knocked unconscious as the skeletons jumped him right after bursting forth from their sarcophagi.
After clearing out the undead from the sarcophagi room the party found a desk on fire but wasn’t burning and discovered the fire was magical. They searched the room and Conri found an alter of Bahamut the platinum dragon. Upon searching the alter he discovered a secret compartment containing 8 silver and platinum statues of Bahamut. Ash knelt in front of the Bahamut statue and the magical fit lit up the whole room. With the room now quiet the party bandaged up their wounds and Roam once again called upon his connection with Lathander to detect undead and sensed some behind the barred double doors near them. Upon inspecting the door they noticed the doors were sealed with the symbol of Bahamut which they took to mean it was keeping the evil at bay so they decided they could rest for now and recover before pushing on deeper into Shadowfell Keep. As they rested Roam had flashbacks of his time fighting undead from the lighthouse with Ardra and it reminded him of why he set off on this journey in the 1st place. As he meditated he took an oath of vengeance on any undead who dare corrupt the land and resolved to smite them above all else.

Miss your Enemies, Crit your Friends
Session 5

As the party bandaged their wounds they hear doors creaking and as they look out of the store room they see Spludge free of his cage and entering the double doors Balgron was supposed to be behind. The party pursues him upon entering the door Spludge spots the party, panics and attempts to warn the rest of the goblins but its mowed down by a firebolt from Rio before he rounded the corner. As the party looks around the corner they are spotted by Balgron’s goblins. One of them rings a bell with all his might before having an arrow from Ardra pin him to the wall instantly dropping him. From the noise created the now alerted Goblins poured out of Balgron’s barracks room. The party fought them off but during the fight Rio’s spells went off track striking Roam and Boaty was hit by a wild Conri hammer catching them off guard and knocking Boaty out. When they got to Balgron’s room it was discovered he slipped away somewhere unknown. The party found a chest with a very complicated lock on it. After finding out that even Ardra was unable to pick it they decided to smash it open (office space style) after a few swings grace smashed it open and they recovered the treasure from it.
As the party searched for Balgron throughout Shadowfell keep they rediscovered the fungus covered bronze door that read “Stay Out. Really” Roam, Boaty, Conri and Grace tried to push the door open and it would not budge. As the party looks defeated trying to open the door ardra rips it open with ease and the party enters to see a room filled with water and an island 10 feet away. Grace noticed something dark moving throughout the water and Roam hit it with a Javelin. A giant blue slime emerged from the water and the party engaged in battle with it.
During the battle Roam Conri and Grace were heavily damaged during the battle but managed to heal each other fighting side by side keeping the ooze at bay. The battle raged on in an extended fight with everyone taking purchase on the slime and feeling the sting of acid burn their skin. After a time the ooze started to break apart and Boaty tried to flank the ooze but was slapped unconscious. As a last desperate move as consciousness was leaving his body he unleashed retribution with thunderous wrath burping and farting lighting as the ooze made contact with him. Lightning coursed through the beast in the water frying it. As the chamber went quiet the party leaped on to the island and found a shield of protection some treasure and a wooden cylinder with the following documents:
1 A map of Shadowfell Keep
2 “Remember, don’t wet the nodule—unless Kalarel is not receptive to the offer. Then, wet it only from a distance, and then, turn and run. Water will bring the creature out of its dormancy, and it will consume anything it can reach.”
3 A hand written letter: “Greetings, Kalarel. I have recently learned of your activity in the area and have an offer for you. During your time in this region, if you should capture any humanoids, we are eager to buy them. We have duergar allies in Thunderspire in need of slave stock. If you are interested, send an envoy back to me. My messengers will show the way.” It is signed: “Chief Krand of the Bloodreavers.”
After the long fight and looting the chamber the exhausted party went back to Balgron’s chamber and sealed the secret passage and barricaded the door to rest for the night and patch up their wounds. As the party was ready to sleep Conri and Grace made a revelation to the party. Conri reminded the party of the moments at the Inn when they met Grace, and why he was so worried to meet her. He explained that unbeknownst to him, he was the offspring of a Human and a Lycan, so he has had the curse his entire life but had no outward signs of it besides the small physical traits of his pointy-ish ears and slightly extended canines. A few months ago a tribe of Lythari had heard of the marriage of Conri and one of their own (Grace), this outraged them to their core and came to the MacSage’s house to show Grace what she was married to. They pulled out the Curse within Conri and he transformed in front of them all, scaring away Grace and injuring a few Lythari before being left for dead. After telling the party of this they were mostly accepting as it has not seemed to push him to evil. Grace then expanded upon this as she explained that she was also a shifter. The Lythari elves could shift into a full wolf form, and that she lived a large part of her life as a wolf. Ardra then wanted to pet them both behind their ears and rub their bellies which was met by swift growls from both Grace and Conri.

Watch where you step
Session 4

The party left the secret room and found the Ocre Jelly they hid from earlier and dispatched it with ease. As they explored another hallway to the south they came up to a pit and saw a kruthik impaled on spikes in the pit.
As the guild looked up from inspecting the pit a kruthik’s hatchling came around the corner. They squished the hatchling before it could attack the party, Ash’s pet rat “scruffles” spoke to the party stating that kruthik are intelligent and usually move around in groups. With the group being surprised Ash’s pet can talk and not understanding what these creatures are, the party drew their ire when they squished the hatchling baby and entered combat with the rest of the Kruthik’s family who poured out from the cracks in the wall. The rage of the family came down on the party nearly killing Rionnastaś twice but through teamwork and protecting each other she was saved by Boat and Ardra. Grace help fend the Kruthik off with mighty slaps that echoed throughout the halls of the keep. Fearing for her life Rionnastaś used the remainder of her power and conjured a flurry of magic missiles that finish off the biggest adult Kruthik as the rest of the party fought off its kin. Searching the Kruthik’s hoard they found some treasure and much needed potions of healing.
Continuing to explore Shadowfell keep the party heard screams from behind a door and upon entering discovered a torture chamber with a hobgoblin torturing a goblin. As the party fought through the guards and approached the torturer he tried to bull rush boaty but tripped in the process and fell into an iron maiden and boaty killed the torturer by slamming the door on him and crushing it with his hammer. In the torturer’s cages they found an unconscious goblin. Upon waking he tells up his name, Spludge. He stated he took food and was locked up because of it. Upon interrogating Spludge he divulged that Balgron the fat is in charge of Shadowfell Keep and indicated his location which is through the double doors the party passed by earlier. Spludge stated that Balgron has many warriors but Spludge’s math skills are bad and couldn’t pin down his exact force strength. The party gave him provisions and promised to come back for him after they eliminated his boss. The party finds a provision room full of barrels and barricade themselves in for the night and bandage their wounds.

Rats Everywhere!
Session 3

As the party continues to explore Shadowfell Keep they fight through rooms of goblin sharpshooters digging and their guard drakes. The party fought a daring battle on planks laying across elevated platforms and a ramp leading into a lower floor. They dispatch the guards and the excavation room grew quiet. The party noticed they were digging in this large room and found a holy symbol of Bahamut on one of the goblin.
Down another set of stairs the party makes their way to a dirt cellar floor through a lot of rubble and had to fight off a horde of rats. The party chased the rats around the room swinging at them in between the stalagmites clinking their weapons off of the architecture repeatedly until finally finding purchase on their tiny vicious opponents. After killing the rats and many scrapes and bites, the party sees an ooze around the corner eat a fleeing rat and immediately dissolve it.
The party tries backs away from the ooze with Ash distracting it with Thaumaturgy. As the party backs to the opposite wall, Ash finds a strange marking on the wall and Boaty being a dwarf familiar with stone notices the wall is not real. The party moves into the secret room behind the wall to discover some hidden treasure and provisions and decide to patch up their wounds and camp there in relative safety before venturing out into the keep once again.

Conri has a Wife?
Session 2

The party left the cave and traveled to the dragon tomb dig site and found a halfling and a gnome with guard drakes and human diggers. Upon questioning the dig group lied to the party about knowing where Dovin was, when they got called out on it they attacked the party. After a vicious fight the enemies were defeated and the party found Dovin bound and gagged. He said he was ambushed and bound and gagged at night. He informed the party that his captors spoke of an object to close a portal or rift. He gave Rio a locket as thanks for saving him and the party stated they are going to escort him back to Winterhaven to see his wife.
Back in Winterhaven Dovin, Mary, and Nicholas are reunited and gratefully reward the party. The party visits Lord Pagraig of Winterhaven. Roam gives him the spear heads and head of Irontooth and Ardra gives him the note and informs him who Orcus is. The Lord calls his wizard, Valthrun, who reads the note and becomes frightened and states Orcus is interested in opening a rift causing undead to flood into Winterhaven. They have no insight as to who the spy mentioned in the note may be. Rio spends the night with the wizard Valthrun learning magic and Boat visits the temple while the party rests at the inn.
At the inn the party runs into an Elf and her Human Ranger companion Darbee. The Elf turned out to be Conri’s wife Gras’fal. Conri freezes in the door to the Inn realizing she is there and he is not done with his training to control his Curse. Gras’fal walks up to Conri and gives him a huge hug after her long search to find him. She explains that she’s given up on her people and their beliefs to come and be with him. Conri introduces her to the party and begins to explain why he never mentioned her before, almost to the point of telling the entire Inn of his Curse, but held off just before telling anyone but that he would explain when they were all alone and ready.
In the morning Ash picks up a history book in the wizard’s tower which mentions Shadowfell keep which fell into ruins to the north. Valthrun mentions that would be the place to check if there was a cult in the area. Valthrun states he would talk to Lord Pagraig to see if we could get reimbursed for it if we were able to go there and close a portal if it was there. As that is the best lead they had to go on the group sets out for Shadowfell Keep.
The party finds the ruins of Shadowfell keep and stairs going downwards, as the party descends they are ambushed by goblins and engage in battle with them. As the party dispatches with the goblins the hallway down the stairs goes quiet. The party takes a short rest after battle ready to continue exploring Shadowfell Keep.

The First Job
Session 1

The group leaves the singing sword and encounter a sobbing woman, Mary Stall, who asks the party to find her husband Doven last seen in Winterhaven, they have a caravan that is headed out that way to look for him and would like the guild to escort the caravan that leaves in the morning. That night Roam’s childhood friend Ardra meets up with the guild at the singing sword and explained to Roam about her vision how Lathander wanted her to find Roam and help him.
On the road to Winterhaven they spotted orcs patrolling but the orcs did not see them and they made it to Winterhaven without incident. The party found an inn in Winterhaven and learn Droven was investigating a supposed dragon’s tomb to the south. They also learned Lord Pagraig of Winterhold wants to hire someone to clear out kobolds and orcs in the area. talking to him we learn of the kobold lair and get a map to where they are believed to be.
On the road to the Kobold hideout the group spots a kobold patrol and eliminates them leaving one kobold alive to interrogate. As they interrogated the kobold they found out that a goblin named Irontooth is leading the kobolds and confirmed the location of their camp, the kobold wiggled out of its bindings and died trying to escape from a hammer attack from Conri Mcsage.
The party arrived at Irontooth’s camp and engaged in a guerrilla war vs a party of kobold in a thicket. upon victory they explore the cave but immediately get ambushed by the remaining kobold knocking boat and Conri unconscious but were saved by Ash and Roam’s healing and stabilizing powers. They fought to exhaustion in an extended fight but came out victorious with Rio lopping off Irontooth’s head. His last words were “Kalarel and Lord Orcus prepare my way.” On Irontooth was a note:
“ My spy in Winterhaven suggests we keep an eye out for visitors to the area. It probably does not matter: in just a few more days. I’ll completely open the rift. Then Winterhaven"s people will serve as food for all those Lord Orcus sends to do my bidding.”
Exhausted after a long battle the guild took a long rest in the cave after earning enough experience to hit level 2.


Invitation to the Crimson Mercenaries
Session 0.1

As Rio and Roam are talking a wood elf Sariel Liadon comes over, and talks with Rio informing her that her mother was going to join a guild of adventurers called the Crimson Mercenaries and they are still in need of more recruits to take care of a problem in Winterhaven with goblins and kobols. Roam and Rio agree to join this guild and Roam is given a wand to apply a guild brand onto their palms. At a nearby table a dwarf named Boatmurdered from the ship Roam saved was sitting there and overheard the conversation and wanted to join the guild as well, Sariel blinked in a tiefling to their table named Balance (Ash) who was looking for a better life from his time on the streets of waterdeep. Sitting in the corner was a Blood Hunter named Conri Macsage. After speaking with Sariel He also decided to join the guild. With an adventuring band formed they decided to get properly geared up and Roam and Rio went shopped and Roam picked up a long sword with the aid of Boatmurdered as thanks for saving his ship. After gearing up the group sets out for Winterhaven.

Roam and Rio Meet
Session 0!

After leaving the Spires of Morning temple, Roam searched the city and wanted to purchase a longsword but found he was short on coin so he headed for a nearby inn he recognized called the Singing Sword. In the corner he saw a moon elf Rionnastaś who reminded of him of his childhood friend Ardra so he struck up a conversation with her, learning of the tragedy that befell her mother. Using his divine senses granted by Lathander, Roam sensed the good in her and offered to help her. They sit in the tavern currently telling tales to each other.


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