Welcome to Crimson Mercenaries in the Forgotten Realms.


Pending Quests

Caravan escort- Mary Stall and her brother Nicholas and wanted the guild to escort their caravan to Winterhaven. They arrive safely and Nicholas promises reward after he sells goods in town. The market is in full swing and Nicholas is selling his good currently.

Shadowfell Keep
Something Wicked this way comes: Upon waking up from the inn the Party notices a foreboding aura around Winterfell. The town wizard, Valthrun, informed Ash that Shadowfell keep fell into ruins to the north. Valthrun mentions that would be the place to check to see if there was a cult in the area. Valthrun states he would talk to Lord Pagraig to see if we could get reimbursed for it if we were able to go there and close a portal if it was there as it was suggested in the mysterious note the party received off of Irontooth. In shadowfell Keep the party found a goblin named Spludge who informed them Balgron the fat was there and in charge. the party plans their next move to remove him from power.
Spludge’s Fate: In Shadowfell keep the party encountered a goblin named Spludge in a cage who stated he was imprisoned for stealing food as he was hungry and treated poorly. He provided them with information about the keep and the party gave him rations and told him to remain put for now until they clear out the rest of the keep and make sure it is safe before they decide his fate.

Completed Quests

Kobold Problem – Sariel Liadon informed the Guild that Winterhaven was having a Goblin and Kobold problem and needed adventurers to help them take care of the problem. The Kobold were cleared out of their cave by the party and their leader was slain
Find Doven Stall – Doven’s wife Mary Stall wants the group to find him he was last seen around Winterhaven and he is late to return and she wants us to keep an eye out for him. At the inn it was discovered he was exploring a dragon’s tomb to the south of Winterhaven before going missing. Doven was located having been kidnapped at the dig site. He was rescued by the party and returned to Mary in Winterhaven.

Crimson Mercenaries

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