Crimson Mercenaries


Session 6

The party left Balgron’s chamber and continued searching Shadowfell Keep. Heading down a set of stairs Roam sensed undead with his divine sense granted by his deity Lathander. They found the undead zombies around the corner and Roam charged them but got his foot stuck in the uneven floor. Ardra ran to him and unstuck his foot from the floor just in time for them to fight off the approaching undead.
After dispatching the undead the party moved into a room full of Sarcophagi. As they passed through the room, the Sarcophagi burst open, filling the room full of undead Skeletons. The party was greatly outnumbered but Boaty moved into the center of the room and used turn undead which caused most of the foes to flee to the edges of the room allowing the party to fight off the undead horde in a manageable way. (His prayer sounded something similar to barbie girl sung in German). Ardra speared several undead with her rapier getting a skull stuck on her rapier and flung it across the room squealing in panic. Conri’s axe finally found purchase repeatedly and Grace saved Ash’s life with a healing potion after he was knocked unconscious as the skeletons jumped him right after bursting forth from their sarcophagi.
After clearing out the undead from the sarcophagi room the party found a desk on fire but wasn’t burning and discovered the fire was magical. They searched the room and Conri found an alter of Bahamut the platinum dragon. Upon searching the alter he discovered a secret compartment containing 8 silver and platinum statues of Bahamut. Ash knelt in front of the Bahamut statue and the magical fit lit up the whole room. With the room now quiet the party bandaged up their wounds and Roam once again called upon his connection with Lathander to detect undead and sensed some behind the barred double doors near them. Upon inspecting the door they noticed the doors were sealed with the symbol of Bahamut which they took to mean it was keeping the evil at bay so they decided they could rest for now and recover before pushing on deeper into Shadowfell Keep. As they rested Roam had flashbacks of his time fighting undead from the lighthouse with Ardra and it reminded him of why he set off on this journey in the 1st place. As he meditated he took an oath of vengeance on any undead who dare corrupt the land and resolved to smite them above all else.


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