Crimson Mercenaries

Fear will not deter us!!!

The party opens the door sealed with the symbol of Bahamut. Inside they see a sarcophagus. Boat Roam Ardra and Grace together opened it and an un-dead skeleton knight of Bahamut, Sir Keegan, climbed out. He questioned the party about their faiths who then gained his trust. He spoke of a magic mirror in the past which Roam had on him. He said the mirror was a tool used to stop the rift from opening as the ritual was being performed. Roam attempted to have Boaty destroy the mirror but even with his hammer he could not scratch it. Sir Keegan gives the party the magic sword Aecris to Roam and Roam offers a prayer to Bahamut making the room light up. Sir Keegan states if the intruders are going to try to open the rift it would be down below and sets the party off to stop then as he cannot leave his crypt.

The party looks to head down the stairs they notice symbols on the floor and try to jump across. Roam and Conri make it across but Ardra trips and lands on the symbol unleashing a scream fightening Roam and Boat. Conri grabbed Roam before he ran onto another trap and he snapped out of it boat cowered in the corner until Rio comforted him and threw him across the trap rune. The noise of the trap screaming got the attention of Zombies in the following room. Grace stepped on the same trap trying to get across frightening herself Ardra and Conri. Boat grabbed onto him commenting that his hair smells terrific (…). Ash Made it across the room and was able to grab Ardra before she ran onto another trap. Roam seeing the shambling hoard threw a javelin across another trap taking a zombies head clear off before the hoard descended on him grappling him. Ash used a shatter spell to hito the group of zombies temporarily distracting them. Roam taking this opportunity drew Aecris and drove it through the zombie grappling him and used Divine smite to disintegrate the undead and shouted “Stay strong Ardra!” Ardra shook out of her fear and stood up ready to fight once again. Grace used sacred flame to burn down another approaching zombie. Conri wrestles away from boat’s grasp and ran onto another trap sending it screaming but noone else was scared of the noise at this point. Two zombies come after Roam but he bats them off with his shield. he moves his shield to drive Aecris through a zombie in front of him exposing him to the zombie next to him but as its about to reach him Ardra shoots it through the head with a shortbow sneak attack. Rio makes the jump over the initial trap and blasts the other zombie attacking Roam with a firebolt in combination with a sacred flame from grace disintegrating it. Boat tried to jump a 2nd magic trap but just clipped the end of it but once again noone was afraid of the noise at this point in the battle. Ash slams one with an eldrich blast and the room falls quiet. The party began to bandage their wounds up.

As the party takes a short rest Grace’s Bodyguard Darby arrives and stated there is something wrong with the village of Winterhaven with a female elf is holding people captive and undead are rising from the cemetery. The party debated decided to go back and assist Winterhaven.


schwawa04 Straife

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