Crimson Mercenaries

The Lost Lady (It must be a dream)

One off Fill in Day

The light blinks out, and when it reappears the party finds themselves inside of new bodies, with new memories and amazing new powers (level 9).

Team Hello Kitty: Home base the Temple of Kitty White

  • Half-Orc Bard – Wes
  • Gnome Barbarian – Rio
  • Human Fighter – Jess
  • Human Paladin/Warlock – Rooster
  • Halfling Druid – Salaries
  • Kitsune Sorcerer – Lucy
  • Fill in DM – Straife

The Party finds themselves on the way back from a successful dungeon run wandering down a road gloating over their win. All the sudden a lady comes bolting out of the forest running at them screaming “HELP!”. Rooster halts her and asks what is going on and she explains that she just woke up from an attack, her name is Trecia and her husband is missing. The party asks and she explains they were coming home from their nephew Helfer’s farm and took a shortcut through the forest when they were jumped by what she could only explain as wolves. She only remembers going by a shack in the forest and then waking up by the road. The party decides to help her and asks her to point the way to the shack.

As they arrive at the shack it appears as a beat down almost overgrown and rotted little spot in the woods. Trecia explains that there were old wise tails about the shack being haunted. Salaries enters the shack first and finds a human skeleton with a locket. He looks at the locket and finds 2 pictures, one young man and one of Trecia. The party turns to ask Trecia if this was her husband only to find her gone with no trace. While the party was in shock of this Salaries, Jess and Rio notice another almost decayed body buried beneath a mass of cobwebs. Upon further investigation they realize it has a rusted mining pick and book in what’s left of it’s hand. Salaries looks at the book and just thinks it’s jibberish but Jess realizes it’s actually Dwarvish and Rio who understands Dwarvish tells the party it is a Journal. Inside she finds a few entries that describe him looking for the mother lode in the hills to the northeast. Rio and Lucy decide to make sure there were no secret doors in the shack and find none, but for some unknown reason Lucy is completely overcome with fear and runs off into the distance. The party follows and then decides they want to make their way to the hills in the Northeast to follow up on the lead from the Journal, while also debating on what happened to Trecia.

Later in the day on their way to the hills they happen upon a small campsite with a human on the ground. They approach the camp cautiously trying to figure out what is going on. As they enter the camp they see the fire is barely burning still and Jess decides to stoke the fire a bit with a stick. All the sudden a psuedopod shoots out from the fire and sticks itself to her, damaging and grappling her. Then 2 more psuedopods shoot out from the 2 logs next to the fire. After being surprised by the party realizes it’s being attacked by mimics and fights back. After a hard fought battle with some injuries and lots of slime on Jess and Salaries the team clears out the mimics and checks out the rest of the camp. The body appears to have been attacked and killed by the mimics, but for some reason the clothes from the body also seem like they were torn apart before the mimics got to him.

The party pushes on and sets up camp late at night outside a cave in the hills. As the party sleeps Rio and Salaries are on the last watch duty. They take their eyes off the cave of the mouth for just long enough for 2 werewolves to sneak up on them. The battle ensues. The werewolves get off a surprise attack against Salaries but Rio screams and wakes up the camp. As the team wakes up they see 4 more werewolves coming in for the attack, along with 2 more humanoids they can’t get a read on yet. Rio charges out to head off 2 of the werewolves and gets a few good shots off, until the first human approaches and takes out two chain whips that make contact with Rio. Even though she was raging she gets hit burnt by the red hot chains. Rooster comes in to assist with hex and eldritch blast but only gets one good shot off. Lucy wakes up and calls in Melf’s Minute Meteors to assist her and fires 2 off into the distance getting good damage on 2 of the werewolves that haven’t closed in yet. Then the shit hits the fan when the other humanoid comes closer and can be seen as an elf. She casts Silence around the party, causing everyone to lose any communication with each other. Salaries wild shapes into an Ankylosaurus and goes to town on the werewolf that has attacked him knocking it prone. Wes has decided it was time to pull out his Ace card and tosses his entire necklace of fireballs into the fray causing a 9th level fireball to go off. Two werewolves turn into ash and a few more are looking worse for wear. The battle continues on with both sides trading blows, Rio being Blood Cursed to make any damage she deals to the human to hurt her as well, by what now appears to be a Blood Hunter.

This continues until the Elf then rushes up to Lucy and strikes her with two hard unarmed strikes and a Channel Divinity to deal massive damage to Lucy taking her to under 1/4 health. Wes rushes to her and heals her some but the fight continues on. Lucy then fires back at the Elf with her most powerful spell Immolation. The unusually dexterous Elf takes some damage but shakes off the rest of the effects. With more werewolves dropping the Elf then attempts to fear the entire party and only Rio and Lucy hold out strong. While the rest of the party is trying to shake off the fear Lucy fires back with a Lightning bolt at the Elf while also damaging the Blood Hunter with her Storm Sorcerer powers. Before Wes and Rooster can get back in the fight the Elf casts hold person on them and they both become paralyzed. Another werewolf dies but Lucy goes down to the dangerous whips of the Blood Hunter. The Elf then charges Rio and hits her hard. Rio staggers slightly trying to figure out how such a meager Elf could damage her so much during her frenzied rage. Jess then pulls out her Javelin of Lightning and starts destroying the rest of the werewolves methodically.

More brawling until Wes finally is freed from his parallelization after being bitten by a werewolf, and attempts to polymorph that werewolf into a bunny only to find that shapechangers have complete immunity to this magic. Things continue until Wes decides to stop toying with what’s left of the Blood Hunters forces and casts Animate Objects, causing 2 braziers and the Blood Hunters own tent to animate and start attacking him. The Elf drops quickly followed by the entire team (tents braziers and all) ganging up on the Blood hunter whittling him down to nothing.

A hard fought win the team looks around the cave to find an altar and bones in the rear of the cave. Rooster instantly recognizes the symbols on the Altar as symbols of Malar The Beastlord and god of the hunt. Rio and Wes find a woman’s skeleton holding a locket and look at it finding that it matches the earlier locket with a picture of Trecia and the same young man. The party finally decides to go to the farm and find it is an Inn as well with Helfer running the bar. After some conversation and stories about rampaging tents that no one would belive the party finds out from Helfer his aunt and uncle dissapeared 10 years ago, thought to be killed by a Cult of Malar that has been causing turmoil in the area for decades. The party lets him know the Cult is now dead and his aunt and uncle have been found and put to rest. Helfer offers then all a free night’s stay and drinks all night on the house, until Rooster offends him and Helfer cuts the party off after their first celebratory drink.

Fade to black and memories of crazy fires attacking and tents coming to the rescue of the party holding place in the groups mind as they all the sudden wake up in the bowels of the Keep on Shadowfell again. Grace and Conri have added memories of what falling to evil would be like. They realize they can’t just think about revenge with no consequences.


schwawa04 Straife

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